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Airbnb Cleaning Services in Melbourne | Smith Clean

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Congratulations! After the long battle against bureaucracy and the mountains of paperwork – you’ve finally got your property listed on Airbnb. Now, onto the next step: getting and keeping customers.

You’ve got a lot of competition but one of the biggest deciding factors for Airbnb guests is the cleanliness of your space. Good thing, Smith Clean is here to provide Airbnb cleaning services in Melbourne.

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    Why Should You Avail Of A Professional Airbnb Cleaning in Melbourne?

    Short term rental has increased throughout the years, along with Airbnb hosts and properties. The small side hustle has turned into a full-pledge business for many, and with that follows competition.

    If you want to keep your business at the top, availing of highly-recommended Airbnb cleaning services is one step towards that. Here are a few reasons why:

    You Ensure Quality Cleaning & Enhanced Protocol Adherence

    Your day-to-day cleaning isn’t going to cut it for your Airbnb rental property. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb has released the Airbnb Enhanced Clean protocol which outlines how to properly disinfect every room, what to sanitise, and what supplies need to be on-hand. It’s an extensive list that may greatly affect your customers’ stay.

    If you can’t commit to following the cleaning protocols to a tee, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals with years of experience and training like Smith Clean’s Spick and Span team.

    You Save Time and Money

    Depending on how many rooms and how big your rental property is, cleaning it may take somewhere between a few hours and a whole day. Given that you’re making money based on bookings, that’s a lot of revenue lost by the end of the month.

    Save yourself the time and maximise your rental space with Smith Clean’s Airbnb cleaning services in Melbourne. Book your service, specify the time and place, and leave it to us. Make use of the time to reply to interested customers online and boost your space’s marketing visibility.

    You Get Higher Customer Satisfaction

    Recently, there’s a movement online wherein Airbnb customers complain about the long list of cleaning tasks that hosts ask them to do before leaving. They’re rightfully upset, noting that they should’ve just stayed in a hotel where a dedicated cleaning crew is on standby.

    Give them that hotel experience with Smith Clean Airbnb cleaning services! Let your customers enjoy a hassle-free experience and watch your Airbnb rating shoot up with five stars.

    Increase Your Airbnb Revenue with Smith Clean

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      Smith Clean Airbnb Cleaning Exceeds Expectations

      Unlike hotel rooms, Airbnb rental properties range from condominium units to cabins, and even tree houses. Therefore, the range of services that an Airbnb rental property managers may vary. To cover all the bases, Smith Clean’s Airbnb cleaning service includes:

      Lounge and Bedroom Cleaning

      Our Spick and Span cleaning team will take care of any used bed sheet and linens and replace it with steam cleaned covers. They will arrange the furniture and prepare any welcome packets and reading materials.

      Bathroom Cleaning

      Guests often leave in a rush, leaving the bathroom to be one of the messiest rooms. Our team will disinfect showers, bathtubs, and wipe down sinks and toilets. They will also replace toiletries and ready the new towels for the new guests.

      Kitchen Cleaning

      For short term stays that last a month or so, the kitchen is an important part of a customer’s stay. Our team will be taking care of any cutleries and plates left unwashed as well as replacing old used kitchen towels.

      Floor Clearing

      Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming can really lift up a place top to bottom. Our team will take care of any dust or clutter left behind. If we find stains on your furniture or carpet, we can offer you an additional separate service or help you reach out to another provider.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      We do! It is part of our add-on services. We do believe that small things add up. Smith Clean offers a special restocking service for a small fee that will make sure that you never run out of the small things for your new guests.

      You may choose which items and which brands you want to restock on based on our available list.

      We also do Airbnb management and handover. This will include the turnover of the keys or passwords, a short walkthrough, and a short report to you once the guests checked in.
      We advise customers to book our services 24 hours in advance in order to manage our schedule and yours. Once booked, our team will arrive at the designated time in between your guest bookings and clean your Airbnb in preparation for the new arrivals.
      Definitely! Send us a message to arrange your package and schedule.

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