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Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne | Smith Clean

With employees going back to the office after a long period of working from home, it’s important to curate an atmosphere that will keep them healthy, happy, and productive. 

Get your office up to speed with Smith Clean, the leading office cleaning company in Melbourne.

We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs, from daily office cleaning to one-off cleans before an important meeting. Our team of experienced and qualified cleaners will work diligently to keep your office clean and tidy, so you can focus on your work.

Transform your office with Smith Clean

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    Why Should You Get A Professional Office Cleaning in Melbourne?

    Office spaces have transformed throughout the decades. From cubicle set-up’s to open plans, the modern workspace’s cleaning needs have changed as well. Additionally, new safety precautions are in place due to COVID-19.

    Keep your office clean and safe by hiring professional office cleaning services in Melbourne. Let’s breakdown the reasons why it’s worth it:


    Commercial Cleaners Ensure Consistent and Quality Services

    Unlike in-house cleaning services, office cleaning companies in Melbourne like Smith Clean are equipped with proper training on how to get to every nook and crevice of your workplace. We’re also trained to work around important files, wires, and other obstructions.

    Armed with GECA-approved eco-friendly products, Smith Clean assures high quality cleaning services in offices all over Melbourne CBD.

    Productivity Goes Up and Stress Goes Down

    According to research, clutter is directly related to stress experienced by employees. In turn, stress affects their performance and productivity, as well as their relationships with their peers.

    By hiring professional office cleaners in Melbourne, you could avoid this scenario and watch your employees enter the workplace with a lighter step and an organised mind

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    Create a Positive Work Space with Smith Clean

      Ensure A Safer, Healthier Office

      Aside from lowering stress levels, a professionally cleaned workplace also reduces the chance that employees will take home any diseases to their households and families. We spend almost half our lives in the office, touching surfaces many people have touched. 

      In a way, offices are great places to breed and spread virus and bacteria. But with Smith Clean, you can rest assured that everything gets disinfected and safe for your team and their loved ones.

      Free Pest Control

      Pest infestations are the type of problem that’s better avoided than solved. Once pests get into your office, likely due to food crumbs, it takes more money, effort, and time to get them out. By then, damage has already been done. 

      Don’t risk your health and company assets. Call your trusted commercial office cleaning company in Melbourne today

      Better Air Quality

      Air quality doesn’t just refer to your AC and heater. That’s more about your office’s room temperature.

      Air quality refers to concentration of pollutants in the air at a particular location. Build up of dust in an area, like in an office, can definitely lower air quality and cause people to develop asthma and other respiratory illnesses

      Increase Office Productivity with Smith Clean

      • All-In-One Cleaning Service 
      • Cost-Effective 
      • Convenient Booking System 
      • Cashless Payments 
      • Professional Cleaning Team

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        Why Us?

        Smith Clean’s Spick and Span cleaning team motto is this: Your space is our space.

        We are deeply dedicated to providing you with high quality cleaning services. Nothing escapes our attention to detail. With our sophisticated booking system, you can book your preferred service in under a minute and our team will be at your door within 24 hours.

        Armed with GECA-approved cleaning products, we complete our mission while doing our part in saving the environment.

        We also offer flexible payment options and customisable cleaning packages, based on your needs.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Yes, depending on the package you choose. Surface and window cleaning are included in our commercial office cleaning in Melbourne.
        Our office cleaners strive to clean all surfaces as quickly as possible while ensuring quality results. The duration of office cleaning services depends on the office size and package you choose.
        We recommend weekly regular office cleaning services to keep your office environment fresh and clean for maximum productivity.
        Yes, our office cleaning services also cover free pest control to ensure a safe and healthy office environment.

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