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Oven Cleaning Services in Melbourne | Smith Clean

Clean Ovens For A Safe Kitchen

Ovens are a staple in every household in Melbourne. When regularly used but not regularly maintained, ovens can turn from a fantastic help in the kitchen to a fire and health hazard.

Let Smith Clean take care of your investment. We offer oven cleaning services in Melbourne that will rid your appliance of all the built-up grime and gunk. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in oven cleaning, so you can rest assured that your oven will be sparkling clean when we’re finished.

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    Why Should You Keep Your Oven Professionally Cleaned?

    As frequently used as an oven is in a household, cleaning it requires more time and effort compared to other regular cleaning tasks. It’s not a simple wipe down situation. That’s why scheduling an oven cleaning is important. If it’s not scheduled then it’s usually just forgotten.

    This can be dangerous. That’s why it’s better to leave it to the professional oven cleaners. Here are some reasons why you should get your oven professionally looked after:

    Ensure Fire Safety

    We’ve come far from oven kilns sustained by wood but modern ovens still pose a fire hazard when not properly cleaned. As time goes on, grime, grease, and other food debris accumulate inside your oven turning it into a fire hazard.
    You may give it a quick clean yourself but cleaning oven doors and stubborn spills is best left to the professionals.
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    Extend Your Oven’s Lifespan

    Ovens are not cheap. Thus, maintaining them is important to get the most out of your investment. Grease and carbon deposits make it harder to maintain cooking temperatures in ovens, causing faster deterioration and worse wear and tear.

    Safety Keep Food Clean and Healthy

    Have you noticed the weird flavor you taste after eating food from your oven? For example, you’re eating chicken but it tastes a bit sweet. It’s most likely from your previous meal.

    If you don’t clean your oven thoroughly after use, cross-contamination will likely occur. This is usually harmless but if you or your guest have allergies, it can easily turn deadly. Give yourself some peace of mind by getting professional oven cleaning services.

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    Get The Most Out Of Your Oven with Smith Clean

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      The Smith Clean Difference

      Why should you book your oven cleaning in Melbourne with us?

      Guaranteed Showroom Condition

      Our team is well-versed in every type and model of ovens. From non-self cleaning ovens to self & continuous-cleaning ovens, we have a tried and tested process that will bring them back to how you first got them.

      We go beyond just getting in there. Our team does oven detailing during our services.

      We take apart every component and element of your oven in order to better inspect and clean. Including your oven door. This allows us to get into the hard to reach areas like the space behind the self-cleaning liners and behind the fan in convection ovens.
      By the time our team’s done and put your oven back together, it’ll look like it’s brand new.

      Eco-Friendly & Non-Caustic Solutions

      Some build up in ovens can be quite stubborn, especially when left there for a longer period of time. Usually, in order to get it out, cleaning companies use caustic cleaning solutions that end up corroding cooking appliances.

      But not Smith Clean!

      Our Spick and Span team use biodegradable, GECA-approved, and non-caustic cleaning solutions for your family’s safety, oven’s longevity, and environmental health.

      Package and Add-On Options

      Smith Clean provides residential and commercial cleaning services. Along with oven cleaning, you can customise your own package! If you’re looking to move out, you can avail of our move out cleaning service and in oven, rug, and carpet cleaning to get your bond back in full.

      You can also pair your oven cleaning service with a deep clean of your kitchen. If you have an oven range hood, we offer FREE range cleaning with your oven cleaning service.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      To avoid stubborn build-ups, the best way to go is to do a quick wipe and clean after every use. However, when it comes to having your oven professionally cleaned, every three months should suffice.
      Yes! Our Melbourne oven cleaning services do not use any chemicals and so your oven should be safe to use right after cleaning.
      Our team has a full insurance cover to protect you and your properties. However, you can rest assured that our team does an excellent job in handling your appliances with the utmost care and knowledge.

      Say goodbye to dirty ovens!

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