8 Powerful Tips for Balcony Cleaning: Maximising Your Outdoor Space

Having a balcony is a wonderful addition to any apartment or home. It provides a space to enjoy the outdoors, relax, and entertain guests. However, over time, balconies can accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, making them less inviting and enjoyable. 

That’s why regular balcony cleaning is essential to maintain a clean and pleasant outdoor space. In this article, we will explore eight powerful tips for balcony cleaning that will help you maximise your outdoor space and keep it looking its best.

Clearing the Balcony

Before you begin the cleaning process, it’s important to clear your balcony of any furniture, plants, or other items. This will give you more space to work and allow you to clean every part of the balcony thoroughly. If you have lightweight furniture, it’s best to bring it inside to protect it during the cleaning process. Additionally, remove any floor covers or mats and shake them out to remove any loose debris.

Sweeping or Vacuuming

The next step is to sweep or vacuum the balcony to remove any loose debris, dust, cobwebs, or dirt from the surface. Depending on the type of flooring, you can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the area. Pay special attention to corners and tight spaces where debris tends to accumulate. If you’re using a broom, make sure it has stiff bristles to effectively remove dirt and dust.

Washing the Balcony Floor

Once you’ve swept or vacuumed the balcony, it’s time to wash the floor. Fill a bucket with hot water and add a small amount of mild soap or a balcony cleaning solution. Use a mop or a sponge to clean the floor, paying particular attention to any stains or stubborn dirt. If you’re using a mop, make sure to wring it out well to avoid excess water on the balcony. Rinse the floor with clean water using a hose or a bucket to remove any soap residue.

Cleaning the Balcony Railing

Don’t forget to clean the balcony railing, as it can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime over time. Use a separate sponge or cloth to clean the railing, either using the same soapy water mixture or a specialised cleaner, depending on the material of the railing. Wipe the railing thoroughly, paying attention to any hard-to-reach areas or crevices where dirt may be hiding.

Washing the Balcony Windows

Clean windows can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your balcony. Use a window cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean both the inside and outside of the balcony windows. Start from the top and work your way down, using horizontal strokes to avoid streaks. Rinse the windows with clean water and dry them with a lint-free cloth for a sparkling finish.

Removing Rust Stains

If you notice rust stains on your balcony, it’s important to tackle them as soon as possible. Rust can build up on metal surfaces, such as balcony railings or doors, due to moisture exposure. To remove rust stains, apply a rust remover or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to the affected areas. Scrub gently with a soft brush or sponge, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Dealing with Grease and Oil Stains

Grease and oil stains can be common on balconies, especially if you enjoy cooking or grilling outdoors. To remove these stains, use a commercial degreaser or a mixture of dish detergent and warm water. Apply the solution to the stains, scrub gently with a sponge or brush, and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process if necessary until the stains are completely removed.

Preventing Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew can be a common issue on balconies, particularly in areas with high humidity. To prevent mould and mildew growth, regularly clean your balcony with a mixture of diluted bleach and water. Spray the solution on the affected areas, let it sit for a while, and then scrub gently with a brush or sponge. Rinse the balcony thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue.

Maintenance and Frequency of Cleaning

Now that your balcony is clean and sparkling, it’s important to maintain its cleanliness. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help prevent dirt and debris from building up and keep your balcony looking its best. The frequency of cleaning depends on various factors, such as the location of your apartment, weather conditions, and personal preference. However, a general rule of thumb is to clean your balcony at least once a month or on a seasonal basis.


A clean and well-maintained balcony can greatly enhance your outdoor living experience. By following these eight powerful tips for balcony cleaning, you can maximise your outdoor space and create an inviting environment for relaxation and entertainment. 

Remember to clear the balcony, sweep or vacuum the area, wash the floor and windows, remove rust and grease stains, and prevent mould and mildew. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure that your balcony remains a clean and enjoyable space throughout the year.

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