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Trusted Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne | Smith Clean

Don’t let your rugs turn ragged!

Rugs have always been great accent pieces to have in your home. They give contrast and texture depending on the type, colour, and size that you get. For families that have kids, they provide a soft area for playing games or just plain lounging around.

However, rugs tend to be overlooked when it comes to cleaning. This leads to accumulation of dirt and dust that just plain vacuuming isn’t going to get out.

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    Smith Clean is here to offer you reliable and cheap rug cleaning in Melbourne.

      On Site vs Factory Cleaning

      There are different types of rugs and not every rug is made the same, so why should they be cleaned the same way? To avoid damage and preserve the look of your rugs, Smith Clean provides two options: On-Site and Factory cleaning.

      On-Site or Home Cleaning

      Home cleaning is perfect for sturdier, store-bought rugs. Our Spick and Span cleaning team will be visiting your home to steam clean your rugs in your own home. With eco-friendly cleaning materials, we’ll get your area rugs looking brand new without any toxic chemicals.

      Factory Cleaning

      This is our highly recommended method for more delicate and older rugs like Persian rugs and wool rugs. In order to keep them safe, you can avail of our pick up and drop method wherein we’ll pick up your rug from home and clean them at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility. 

      Get Your Rug Looking Brand New with Smith Clean

        The Smith Clean Rug Cleaning Solutions

        While we do provide cheap rug cleaning in Melbourne, we don’t skimp off the process. Our dedicated team follows a strict 7-step process for your five-star, seamless experience.
        Step One: Pick Up & Inspect

        For factory cleaning, we go the extra mile and remove any dirt stains left by your rug on your property. This also applies if you opt for a rug steam cleaning in Melbourne. Before processing, our team will inspect your rug to identify its composition.

        Each type of rug has its own cleaning characteristics. Synthetic wool can’t be processed the same way as natural wool. At this stage, we also survey any damages, stains, and odours to determine any extra steps in the cleaning process.

        Step Two: Dusting and Dirt Removal

        Rugs are usually placed in high foot traffic areas of the home. This makes it vulnerable to absorbing dust mites and dirt in between its fibres. You may not notice it but over time, this changes the colour of your rug – from vibrant to dusty.

        After manual dusting, our team then feeds your rug into a duster machine. This machine is designed to remove deep-seated dirt trapped in between your rug fibres.

        Step Three: Colour-Checking and Spot Treatments

        Rugs are coloured with different types of dyes. Depending on the type of rug and dye, there’s a possibility that colour could bleed and cause irreparable damage. To avoid this, our team tests your rug’s fibres to decide the right cleaning process.

        At this stage, spot treatments are also applied to remove invisible stains like those cause by animal urine and food spillage.

        Step Four: Pre-Spray

        Much like heat-protectant sprays used on your hair, we also pre-spray your rugs for an even and safe application of our biodegradable products. This ensures that the fibres and dye in your rug are delicately handled during the cleaning process.

        This step is especially important for woven rugs and silk rugs to keep their soft and smooth texture.

        Step Five: Rotary Shampooing

        Our expert rug cleaners then use a rotary brush machine to apply shampooing solution to your rug. The shampoo is created through the rotating brushes of the machine. This then crystallises over 16 hours and lifts any remaining dirt and soil, making it easy to rinse and vacuum.

        Step Six: Rinsing
        Thorough rinsing is needed after shampooing. That’s why Smith Clean uses a rinsing machine with state of the art technology. With cold water, it gently rinses the shampoo and dirt from your rug before ringing it out to prepare for drying.
        Step Seven: Drying

        Rugs tend to be thick and even if they don’t look like it, thousands of packed fibres take a long time to dry. By keeping them in a temperature-controlled room, our team strictly supervises the drying process and checks for any missed stains.

        After a few days, your rug will be available for pick up or drop off looking good as new.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Smith Clean provides rug steam cleaning and rug handwashing in Melbourne. We also offer rug pick-up, delivery, and rug stain removal services.
          We recommend getting your rug deep cleaned every 6-12 months. This ensures your rug is kept clean and looking great for years to come.
          A: Yes, we do guarantee rug cleaning results! Our experienced team follows a strict 7-step process that ensures the highest quality of rug cleaning outcomes every time. We are trusted rug cleaners in Melbourne and have been delivering rug cleaning services to the area for over 10 years.

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